Being authentic is hard in a virtual world.
Brett - Any gender / age / ethnicity
Zoom, isolation, mental health
“Damn, so relatable. The pressures and frustrations of lockdown and the virus have everyone on edge but nobody knows how to show it, or what to do to relieve it. This short piece nails how so many of us, myself included, are feeling.”
(DC Cathro)
“This short monologue is humane, grim, and honest.

Mabey exposes the double-edged sword a lot people are facing during self-quarantining/physical distancing.

This one-minute play already has a varied development and production history, which is well deserved.”
(Steven G. Martin)
“I loved this line so: "We’re not even ‘socially distancing’ - we’re just ‘physically distancing.’" John Mabey speaks truth to pandemic and taps into the zeitgeist of what we are all feeling and experiencing. ZOOM ZOOM is short, succinct, and full of angst and humor. A perfect one-minute monologue!”
(Arianna Rose)
“Had the chance to see this touching monologue as done for the Las Vegas quarantine monologues festival. Well done.”
(Lee R. Lawing)
“I had the chance to see Zoom Zoom performed by two different actors and both times it was a cathartic, harrowing, and sardonic look into the psyche of so many of us during the pandemic. I laughed but also felt the message very much.”
(Sean Keeley)
Valdez Theatre Conference, AK - 2020
Tiny Theatre, AL - 2022

Theatre Three, NYC - 2020
Las Vegas Little Theatre, NV - 2020
The COVID Monologues - 2020
Valdez Theatre Conference
Valdez Theatre Conference
Valdez Theatre Conference
Valdez Theatre Conference
Las Vegas Little Theatre
Las Vegas Little Theatre
Open Eye Theatre
Open Eye Theatre
Me! Performing at The Covid Monologues
Me! Performing at The Covid Monologues
Theatre Three
Theatre Three
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