What is the boundary between human and artificial? Shaun and X wrestle with each other and the
fate of humanity as they decide the answer.
Shaun- Any age / gender / ethnicity

X- Any age / gender / ethnicity

Outer Space, Artificial Intelligence, Humanity  
“X-ACT reminds me of some of the best episodes of the television show Black Mirror, with a premise that could easily take place in the not-to-distant future. The piece is chilling, thinking how close to reality this scenario could be. And though one of the characters is a robot, Mabey gives X depth, dimension, and clarity. A well-written piece sure to give the audience pause, and perhaps reflect on the possibility of our species extinction. Very well done!”
(Debbie Lamedman)

“This scene is really strong, hitting one part Jordan Harrison's "Marjorie Prime" and two parts "Ex Machina". While many science fiction stories tend to gloss over the "human privilege" inherent in these themes, "X-Act" does well to capture the voice of X in a believable way.”
(Taylor Wendell Lozano)

“X-cellent sci-fi play that explores what it means to be human. A thought-provoking piece about what the future may hold for us all!”
(Evan Baughfman)
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