There are many ways to be seen as two strangers discover the power of connection.

(The online app positioned in this play is real
(called 'Be My Eyes') for the visually impaired).
Salome - Cisgender woman, She/Her/Hers, Visually Impaired, age 20s

Rhea - Transgender woman, She/Her/Hers, Sighted, Age 40s and above
deaf culture, connection, transgender, belonging
'WE/US: Monologues for Gender Minority Characters Anthology'
(Smith & Kraus - 2023)

(Some Scripts Literary Magazine - 2023)

(The On And Off Theatre Workshop, Glasgow United Kingdom - 2020)

(La Jolla Playhouse, CA - 2020)

(Fable Workshop, London, United Kingdom - 2020)
“Not only does the play portray people that we don't see enough of in contemporary theatre, but it also couldn't be more relevant. The issues of social isolation, marginalization, and the possibility for human connection through challenging times and personal conflicts are dramatized through optimism and the utmost respect for its characters. I wish there were more plays like this around.”
(Aaron Leventman)
“I watched a reading of this play and loved it so much I had to read the script. Full heart and wit, John’s writing is layered, deft and speaks to our need for human connection. Perfect for Zoom & festivals To See And Be Seen is truly wonderful theatre ”
(Adam Szudrich)
“So often we hear about the impersonal and mechanical connections that we make in the digital age. But this short and beautiful piece is all about connecting in ways that go beyond the surface, even when you're just asking for a little assistance. It says a lot about the need for human connection and how we cherish it, even if just for a brief moment, and in this moment, John Mabey has restored a lot of faith in the simple act of helping someone, and showing how it goes both ways.”
(Philip Middleton Williams)
“What a beautiful, touching, and poignant two-hander from John Mabey, in which he explores the need for human connection in the modern digital world with dignity, intelligence, wit, and heart. A gorgeous piece of writing with so many opportunities for staging – both live and the now ubiquitous online platforms – and two roles with enormous depth. Just wonderful.”
(Doug DeVita)
“A beautiful short piece that makes perfect use of video conferencing platforms for the purpose of thoughtful and poignant theater. In ten short pages, Mabey manages to craft two nuanced characters who live at particular identity sections that are underrepresented in theater with regard to gender identity and ability, and gives them life beyond those identifiers while still acknowledging and honoring those identifiers. A touching and original variation on the "two strangers meeting" concept.”
(Nick Malakhow)
“I was able to watch a streamed production of “To See and Be Seen,” and I was truly moved by Mabey’s script. A heartfelt, touching story about connection and the very human desire to be seen for who one really is. This would be great for any short play festival, virtual or otherwise.”
(Jackie Martin)

“A deeply-felt play about the spaces and distance among all of us these days, as we navigate the pandemic, yet Mabey builds worlds underneath, supporting connection and understanding about so much more, inviting the audience to relate to this organic, evergreen expression of humanity. Simply brilliant.”
(Rachael Carnes)

“A stunning, moving short piece about the power of connection. Characters Rhea and Salome are beautifully developed over the course of 10 minutes, and the plot could not feel any more relevant today. I am also deeply appreciative of the positive and thoughtful representation of transgender and visually impaired characters in this piece (both of which are of course historically excluded groups in theater). Beautiful work as usual by playwright John Mabey!”
(Jack Seamus Conley)
Rainy Day Artistic Collective, WA - 2022

Eclectic Full Contact Theatre, IL - 2022

Cutler Bay Community Theater, FL - 2021
Ragged Foils Productions, London, United Kingdom - 2020
Taphouse Theatre, TX - 2020
QuaranStream Theatre Festival, IL - 2020
Anchorage Community Theatre, AK - 2020
Almost Adults Productions, NM - 2020

Scribe Stages, CA - 2020
American Actors UK, London, United Kingdom - 2020
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American Actors UK
American Actors UK
Almost Adults
Almost Adults
American Actors UK
American Actors UK
Anchorage Community Theatre
Anchorage Community Theatre
Scribe Stages
Scribe Stages
Taphouse Theatre
Taphouse Theatre
Cutler Bay
Cutler Bay

Rainy Day Artistic Collective

Rainy Day Artistic Collective

Rainy Day Artistic Collective

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