The Soon-To-Be-Former Ms. Grinch has a lot to say.
She just doesn't realize it yet.

Ginny - A woman, any age, any race / ethnicity
Christmas parody, relationships, break-ups
“As a lover of the Grinch film, I couldn't not give this a read and I was not disappointed! Reading through the exasperated words of Ms Grinch I could see the monologue being done as part of a Christmas Variety show and getting a lot of chuckles in the progress. This piece just goes to show its not just the Who's who think "you're a mean one Mr Grinch!" Brilliantly done to John Mabey and if you're an actress looking for something different to perform this festive time, then this is definitely for you!”
(Rachel Feeny-Williams)

“An amazing, playful spin on the woman leaving her man. Great images, fun word choice, catchy songs. A wonderfully constructed female character who you root for under 3 minutes. This should be a staple of any festival of Christmas monologues. Produce this!”
(Asher Wyndham)

“He stole Christmas. He stole her heart. But now, Ms. Grinch is sick of her green furry man's December shenanigans! Whoville? Nah! This is a holiday monologue made in heaven!”
(Vivian Lermond)

“Playful monologue that should be classic holiday fare. I'm a big fan of "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch," and now I've fallen for his wife!”
(Lucy Wang)

“What a fabulous and fun monologue exploring the untold story of Ms. Grinch! The humorous pacing and use of familiar tunes makes this a great performance choice for a holiday-themed play festival! Great work!”
(Emily McClain)

“What a great concept, perfectly executed! Ms. Grinch has had enough - there's not room in the Grinch's too-small heart for both her AND his hatred of the Whos. A fun monologue for Christmas or anytime!”
(Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend)

“Relationships are hard. They take work, every day - or they can languish. And even if The Grinch had everything a girl was looking for, it's the maintenance, the **effort** that's missing now, in this airtight confection, chockfull of Christmas candy fun and wrapped up in dark humor. 'Tis the season!”
(Rachael Carnes)

“You always wondered *why* the Grinch had such foul motivation on that fateful Christmas and here's the explanation! Another story of fixations ruining a relationship. Oh Grinchy Poo--is it too late to get her back? Fun Grinchiness from another POV.”
(Donna Hoke)

“Behind every great villain is a great back story and this play supplies all you need to know about the Grinch and his volume-challenged heart. Not only that, but we get to hear Ms. Grinch’s side of things, the woman (?) who knew (and wed) him when. A fun concept skillfully executed!”
(James McLindon)
Moving Parts Theatre - Paris, France - 2021

Tiny Theatre - Alabama - 2021
Moving Parts Theatre, Paris
Moving Parts Theatre, Paris
Tiny Theatre
Tiny Theatre
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