Even superheroes need a break, especially when they're sisters. In this comedy, Maria and Dominique battle over what's next after a hiatus from saving the world leaves one sister feeling fulfilled and the other frustrated.
Maria - Female, age 60s, has the power of super strength

Dominique - Female, age 60s, has the power of invisibility.
superheroes, sisters, aging, sense of purpose
(The Hive Collaborative, UT - 2020)

(The Funhouse Family, WA - 2020)

(MadLab, OH - 2022)


“What a joy this play is: funny, acerbic, wise, and kind, with terrific roles for older actresses as a pair of aging superheroes. A delightful staging conceit lends theatricality and physical comedy to a story that explores what being special means, how one's purpose can change over time, and what gifts we have to contribute to the world that we may sometimes overlook. We may not all be super-powered like Maria and Dominique, but their sibling dynamics are super-relatable and very human.”
(Vince Gatton)
“What a wonderful window into the world of the aging superhero! Mabey gives us a completely new perspective in the toll that the burden of "saving the world" can take on us and our closest relationships. Both characters are relatable and authentic (despite their amazing abilities!) and the sibling dynamic is rich, fertile ground for conflict. And amazing roles for mature performers! Produce this piece ASAP!”
(Emily McClain)
“Mabey has created a heartwarming family story, a meditation on aging, a superhero fantasy, and a quirky comedy all rolled into one. The Sensational Sisters offers radiant roles for aging actresses, loads of laughs, and a terrific tale for audiences of all ages.”
(Ken Preuss)
“I love this play! Every time we see superheroes, they're always young and not relatable, but these sisters struggle with the same need to belong, impostor syndrome and desire to be known for more than just one thing,(ie strength or invisibility in this case) as we all. What great roles for older actresses to tackle! What a gift for an evening of theatre!”
(Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn)
“Heartwarming and lovely. A human look at a super sibling relationship where deeper insecurities are revealed. A wonderful play for seasoned female actors with a great message: the future is still a promise of hope and new things to look forward to.”
(Gretchen Suarez-Pena)
“An unusual take on superheroes and responsibility from the rarely-seen geriatric point of view. Less dark and gritty, more “been around the block.” The relationship between these two superheroine siblings feels natural and loving, despite their differences.”
(DC Cathro)
“Mature female actors will greatly enjoy playing Dominique and Maria -- The Sensational Sisters superhero duo.

I love that the play focuses on the human side of these heroes. There's just enough action and superhero style in the script, but John Mabey provides another satisfying layer with sincere and heartfelt explorations of sibling rivalry and of varying degrees of contentedness while growing older.”
(Steven G. Martin)
“Two superhero sisters, both seniors, take a break from leaping tall buildings in a single bound. One tries to cajole the other into returning to what they do best. But her counterpart resists. While they argue, they learn how they feel about each other and each other's gifts. By play's end, they start to collaborate in a new and surprising way."
(Susan Middaugh)
Merely Players Presents, GA - 2020

Alliance Theatre Workshop, GA - 2020
Main Street Players Theatre, FL - 2023

Central Gwinnett High School, GA - 2021

Foothills Arts Players, NY - 2021
2nd Act Players, IL - 2020
The Hive Collaborative, UT - 2020
The Hive Collaborative
The Hive Collaborative
The Hive Collaborative
The Hive Collaborative
2nd Act Players
2nd Act Players
2nd Act Players
2nd Act Players
2nd Act Players
2nd Act Players
2nd Act Players
2nd Act Players
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