Three warriors need to escape a prison!
They're actually insects trapped inside a glass jar, but life's all a matter of perspective.

Biddy - Any gender / age / ethnicity
A warrior with eight legs (a spider)
Likes to agitate and provoke others

Jojo - Any gender / age / ethnicity
A warrior with great strength (a beetle)
Likes to keep the peace

Lex - Any gender / age / ethnicity
A warrior with wings (a fly)
Likes to lead
insects, teamwork, friendship, loss
“Any piece that brings characters to life in new forms gets bonus points for me and this piece is truly brilliant. As humans (or bipeds) we can sometimes look at a creature and wonder "what are they thinking?" Well John Mabey has taken the thoughts and lives of three warrior insects, set them in a time of crisis and portrayed them brilliantly. The play works brilliantly and is crying out to be seen on a stage!”
(Rachel Feeny-Williams)

“A wonderfully observed piece from John Mabey - as insects plan their bid for freedom their views of the human race are pertinent and telling. Is this an allegory for the life of man on Planet Earth? Witty, fun and smart writing makes this a play of hidden depths.”
(Paul Smith)

“Ha, this is wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie of the 3 characters stuck in a jar. Then near the end a great twist kicks in, read it for yourself, it's fab!”
(Christopher Plumridge)
Brooklyn Friends School, NYC - 2024

Theatre Unmasked, NYC - 2021

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