The last couple of years have been rough on us all. And some people will try anything to move on - even waterfalls.

In this comedy, one couple is determined to make a friend of post-pandemic life without making an enemy of each other.
Jules - Any gender, any adult age, any race / ethnicity

Cameron- Any gender, any adult age, any race / ethnicity
16 Aug. 2021
“A fun play about living life to the fullest (“Excited! Energized! Euphoric! All the ‘E’ words.”) and doing it with the one you love. Mabey has created relatable characters and a humorous scenario that kept me wondering: Will Jules and Cameron make the jump?” 
(Enid Cokinos)

“The idea of having a "post-pandemic To-Do List" that quickly becomes more of a burden than a joy totally resonated with me! Jules and Cameron both approach their shared experiences of the past year differently and finding a way to bridge that divide is the central conflict of this beautiful relationship-centered piece. Mabey writes with such pathos and the characters are incredibly endearing. Great work!”
(Emily McClain)

“What a joy to read after 2020! A poignant look at an older couple that will keep you laughing, with a twist ending. It's a great look at long-term relationships and the idea of aging. I'm looking forward to seeing it performed live!”
(Alli Hartley-Kong)

“Take a long-married couple, reopen the virus quarantine where life was frozen and launch them into their 'second act'. Again. In Second Act Second Helpings, this couple that knows each other so well, tries for a change. This funny play about being lucky enough to continue growing older together would be a nice addition to an evening of marriage plays.”
(D. Lee Miller)

“The things one will do after being locked up in 2020. An older married couple plan some adventures as they move forward in the second half of their lives. One is more sure than the other, until their conversation changes one of their minds. Jules is in trouble now! A sharp and funny short play about growing older.”
(Marj O'Neill-Butler)

“A funny, poignant, short play about a married couple trying to find a new, exciting normal in 2021, after living through the COVID-19, heartbreaking year of 2020. Two likable, believable characters, an interesting locale, and fast-paced, well-written dialogue makes this play a winner! Bravo!”
(Cindi Sansone-Braff)

“A funny and thoughtful exploration of the short and long-term effects of making it through 2020. Through a loving, semi-adventurous couple (a lovely opportunity for a pair of older actors), Mabey gives voice to an uncanny survivor's guilt shared by all of us still here. What do we do now? Especially staring down the rest of what we have in front of us? Also, the ending has just that perfect comic touch.”
(Daniel Prillaman)

“I had the pleasure of watching this performed at the KVTA 10-Minute Play Festival. "Second Act Second Helpings" perfectly encompasses the world's mindset in 2021 after the year that was 2020. John Mabey's writing is top notch (as always), and the dialogue between the characters is so crisp and effective. I won't spoil the end, but it has this beautiful and very funny peak (or should I say, dive...!).”
(David Lipschutz)
2nd Act Players, IL - 2021

Bendigo Theatre Company, Australia - 2021

The Open Eye Theater, NY - 2021
Kankakee Valley Theatre, IL - 2021
2nd Act Players
2nd Act Players
2nd Act Players
2nd Act Players
2nd Act Players
2nd Act Players
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