Two people find their way back to each other
but risk getting more lost in the process.
Evan - 20s / man

Mallory - 40s / woman

reunion, family estrangement, reconnection

Finalist - William Inge Festival New Play Lab, 2023


“It's no surprise Reflections of a Daydream was one of the winners for the Know Festival 2022. What a gorgeous, perfect gem of a play. Two people fighting demons, gazing at reflections of who they were, who they are. Sometimes you have to turn things upside down to get them. Mallory and Evan will linger in your thoughts long after the last page. Playwright John Mabey has expertly crafted a play that shimmers and leaves space for Mallory and Evan, and we the audience, to let their story unfold in its own perfect timing.”
(Arianna Rose)

“In this short play, there is so much pain and loss between mother and son, reflected in the painting he's bought home.
But despite the hurt, accusations and reveals you sense there is still love here, and John portrays this beautifully.”
(Christopher Plumridge)

“Mabey's control of language, setting and emotion puts the reader or viewer in the trailer with an estranged mother and son. The furniture is sparse, but the decades of trauma fill the space completely, almost to the point of spilling out. Two incredibly complex and deep characters tackle an enormous and complicated topic in a perfectly crafted story. Love this piece.”
(Cam Eickmeyer)
“A beautifully rendered two-hander that keeps its mystery even as it reveals. You come to feel for both Mallory and Evan, mother and son, in ways that defy explanation. Just like some art defies explanation.”
(Robert Alexander Wray)
KNOW Theatre, NY - 2022

New Manifest Theatre Company, TX - 2023
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