It’s hard to label anything, especially when you’re in love.
And everything starts looking queer as one chosen family decides what it truly means to choose each other.

As some battle the pitfalls of coming-out again under a different label,
others realize there isn’t an LGBTQIA letter that completely fits at all.
But sometimes what matters most is discovering
what’s between the letters and celebrating each other along the way.

Andi - Late teens, She/Her/Hers

Mac - Late teens, He/Him/His

Regina - 43, She/Her/Hers

Sarah - Late teens, She/Her/Hers 

Roger - Late teens, He/Him/His

Arco - Late teens, They/Them/Theirs


friendship, coming out, lgbtqia


“What a warm, wonderful play about coming of age and choosing your own family—even if that family is dynamic, with bonds shifting and transforming over time! I've heard "labels should be magnets, not stickers" and a lot of teens need to hear that message while they're still discovering their complex queer identities. This play illustrates that mutability beautifully. Likewise, young actors will fall in love with the opportunity to portray these awkward, open, messy, marvelous characters who look, act, and talk like real teens. I love the subtle but significant transitions—and, of course, the dancing! What a blast!”
(Aly Kantor)

“What a lovely celebration of the mutability of identity and the connections that make a community. Individual identities expand, relationships end and begin, and yet the bonds among this family of choice endure. These are real young people dealing with real coming of age issues and emerging more whole. I was swept along, sometimes amused, and thoroughly engaged sharing their experience.”
(Paul Donnelly)
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