I've been a professional improv and storytelling performer, teacher & coach for over a decade in New York City, London, Amsterdam & Atlanta. Both artforms allow me to uniquely express myself - nourishing creativity, sustaining mental health, & connecting to others.
Also they're incredibly fun.
Telling true stories is wonderful because it's enjoyably cathartic for everyone and becomes a shared experience with the audience. In a similar way, performing my solo-improvised show (called 'Mabey Solo') involves spontaneously creating & performing fictional one-act plays on stage while the audience witnesses those discoveries at the same time, becoming co-creators in the process.     

 I perform & instruct both types of shows in-person & virtually, including corporate teambuilding events. My philosophy is grounded in positivity to build from your strengths - nurturing what's already working, expanding your skills in different areas, & discovering new avenues for growth. And most of all, finding the joy in performance no matter the type of play.

Whether you're part of an improv team, a business, or looking to strengthen your solo performance skills, please reach out and we'll find a way to work together! 
Produced by Tai Campbell, London UK

"Choosing Sides"


Photos from shows and festivals around the world
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