New York is special, they're just trying to figure out why.

One sibling is looking for a way to reclaim history while the other is looking for a way to say goodbye. Both try to persuade the other about the true meaning of home.

Denise - Female, 20s, any race / ethnicity

Corey- Female, 20s, any race / ethnicity
(Itinerant Theatre, LA - 2020)
“Home is many things to many people...Corey has one memory; Denise another. Can they make a family together back in New York with so much baggage from growing up? An amazing duologue between siblings.”
(Marj O'Neill-Butler)

“I've never been to New York and always wanted to, more so now. John creates a wonderful snapshot of a relationship between two people, both trying to find that place of belonging but believing very different things. I love the two very different characters, the quick back and forth bickering between the two of them and the brilliant varying conversation, all stemming from a discussion about one place. As a British person, I do also love their discussion about the weather. "Different degrees of hot aren’t seasons." is a line that had me giggling, and this play will you!”
(Rachel Feeny-Williams)

“What a gorgeous play about memory and belonging. As a native New Yorker, some parts really hit home. As someone who did leave, the play touches all the hotspots of “when we were happy” and “could we be happy again?” Mabey’s relationship between the sibling strikes a real chord and the last few lines leave you with hope for the two of them.”
(Claudia Haas)

“They say siblings hold our memories with us, helping us to revisit a time or a place or a moment through adjacent yet different eyes. Mabey's play eloquently unpacks this tender dynamic, asking what we leave in the past, and what we carry forward forever. Beautiful.”
(Rachael Carnes)
Alliance Theatre Course, GA - 2019

Axial Theatre, NY - 2022

Axial Theatre

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