Comedy, Drama
One high school mascot, two very different schemes.
The statue of a mighty horse stands tall over Mustang High School, but the years have taken their toll on statue, students, and teachers. On the eve of this crumbling mascot being removed, opposing forces clash between preserving or destroying the last mustang. And there's one final night to discover what’s truly possible when misfits become mighty.

Julie- Female, 15, BIPOC
Tyler - Non-Binary, 15, white
Crystal - Female, 18, Black

Gigi - Female, 18, white

Mimi - Female, 18, white

Sophie - Female, 21, BIPOC

Gabriela- Female, 21, Latinx

Oscar - Male, 21, Black

Angela- Female, 50s, white

Amelia - Female, 50s, white

high schoolcollege, friendship, LGBTQIA+, gender, coming-out 

Lanford Wilson New American Play Festival - 2023

“Mabey gives us a tale of teens in flux. Teens where progress has been made. Teens who need more progress. And teens who needed the future so much that they denied their past and present. A coming-of-age tale centered around a relic that serves as a different metaphor for each teen, there is an unspoken wish for each character that needs to be proclaimed - so that each can character can be who they were meant to be. Mabey has the gift of seeing all identities and embracing all.”
(Claudia Haas)

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