Mystery, Drama, Horror
Three monologues reveal secrets about the same night.
Riley - Late teens / Female 

Benji - Late teens / Male

Amber - Late teens / Female 

Monologues, Confessions, Love
“This play was so startling that I read it through twice to make sure I got the details straight. I had. If you’re a parent of teens like I am, this play will haunt you, even if you don’t know what TicTok challenges are all about. The trio of teens confessing their troubled thoughts and actions are simply looking for love, but their poor judgment keeps them from going about it in a way that will fulfill their needs. The final monologue is shocking and brilliantly conceived. Amazing play!”
(Andrew Martineau)

“I loved this short collection of monologues! Each piece shares a unique, heartbreaking perspective on the same tragic event. A great concept, expertly executed!”
(Evan Baughfman)

“Oh, what a well-written, powerful play of three monologues! JOHN MABEY’s piece is a must-read, which definitely needs to be produced. It will have audiences totally engrossed and talking about it after they leave the theater. I highly recommend “Loved”. Bravo!”
(Jack Levine)
The Fab Four, GA - 2021
Theatre Anywhere, Nighthawks Productions, PA - 2022
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