Love sucks for every couple eventually, 
no matter how many hearts are still beating.

Babylas - Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years old (played by any adult age) / Any gender

Tatum - Any adult age / Any gender


Valentines Day, Breaking-up, Vampires & Humans

“JOHN MABEY, once again, hits a Grand Slam with a dark comedy about the pulls-and-tugs of trying to make a relationship work on a most appropriate day, Valentine’s Day. “Love Sucks” is filled with humor with a bit of advice for the forlorn: Choose your partner well or you may find yourself being sucked dry of emotion and other things. Nice job! I would love to see this play performed!”
(Jack Levine)

“The only dilemma this funny take on sun-crossed lovers creates is where to put it -- your Valentine's Day shorts program or your macabre/Halloween lineup?”
(Michele Clarke)

“What a darkly funny spin on the conventions of romantic comedy. The source of jealousy is a witty surprise and the narrative just becomes funnier and funnier from there. This is an imaginative, novel, and thoroughly engaging Valentine's Day treat.”
(Paul Donnelly)

“The vampire genre can be generic and recycled, but John Mabey is able to craft a dark comedy that is fresh, funny, and smart. There are so many great layers and a beautiful sense of juxtaposition about how/why we choose to be in the relationships we are in. LOVE SUCKS is delicious good time!”
(Brenton Kniess)

"Love Sucks" is a campy and fresh look at one of horror's most iconic creatures. A well-rounded mix of horror and romantic comedy.”
(Ian Donley)
“What a love story! JOHN MABEY has given audiences two passionate characters... one maybe a little more passionate than the other. MABEY offers a new and creative approach to an old subject manner, and audiences will feel the heat. What a fun show that NEEDS to be produced.”
(Debra A. Cole)

"Love Sucks" by John Mabey is a deliciously dark romp through the absurdities of undead romance. With razor-sharp wit and biting humor, it captivates and entertains, making the audience laugh at love's eternal struggles. A must-see for fans of clever, campy comedy that embraces the macabre with style and wit. Simply fang-tastic!”
(Kirt Shineman)
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