Love sucks for every couple eventually, 
no matter how many hearts are still beating.

Babylas - Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years old (played by any adult age) / Any gender

Tatum - Any adult age / Any gender


Valentines Day, Breaking-up, Vampires & Humans

“JOHN MABEY, once again, hits a Grand Slam with a dark comedy about the pulls-and-tugs of trying to make a relationship work on a most appropriate day, Valentine’s Day. “Love Sucks” is filled with humor with a bit of advice for the forlorn: Choose your partner well or you may find yourself being sucked dry of emotion and other things. Nice job! I would love to see this play performed!”
(Jack Levine)

“What a darkly funny spin on the conventions of romantic comedy. The source of jealousy is a witty surprise and the narrative just becomes funnier and funnier from there. This is an imaginative, novel, and thoroughly engaging 
Valentine's Day treat.”
(Paul Donnelly)
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