An abridged, twisty retelling of 'It's A Wonderful Life.' Satan is at their lowest point when met by a demon named Clarence, looking to help Satan regain their confidence while also earning Clarence their horns in the process. A budding friendship forms between the two with the balance of power taking unexpected turns.

Satan - Any gender, any age, any race / ethnicity

Clarence - Any gender, any age, any race / ethnicity

Partygoer 1, Beachgoer 1, Protester 1, and Baby 1 - Any gender, any age, any race / ethnicity

Partygoer 2, Beachgoer 2, Protester 2, and Baby 1 - Any gender, any age, any race / ethnicity

Partygoer 3, Beachgoer 3, Protester 3, and Baby 3 - Any gender, any age, any race / ethnicity
(Rover Dramawerks, TX - 2020)
(The Funhouse Family, WA - 2020)
(Out Of Box Theatre, GA - 2019)
“This diabolical little parody is the perfect antidote to an overdose of a certain classic holiday movie. Satan has had it with a world that insists on celebrating the birth of his archenemy and needs a demon named Clarence to buck him up by reminding him of all his inglorious achievements. Clarence is, of course, attempting to win his horns and in the end gets what’s coming to him. Nicely done. The satire is priceless. It must be great fun to produce.”
(Donald E. Baker)
“Everyone can have a bad day and so does Satan in this refreshing and delightful by Mabey. Most of us are filled with self-doubt at some point in our lives and it's funny to see Satan filled with it to the point of ending their existence. Well done.”
(Lee R. Lawing)
“A Uniquely conceptualized comedic masterpiece! Molds Satan into a 3-Dimensional character with an emotional depth; yet retaining his disturbing qualities and persona. The gold in the created space to allow for present-day earthly wrongdoings to be caused by this Satan; Brilliant!”
(Lillie Vaks)
“Just because you know the story it’s telling doesn’t mean you know where it’s going to go or how it’s going to get there. Indeed, the play follows a diabolical little path! Equally funny, sharp, and ultimately disturbing, this SATAN is a satire that's timely and (sadly, probably) eternal. Satan and Clarence are terrific roles for actors with a subtle comic flair. An ambitious short play festival can have a lot of fun with costumes and makeup. It's a fun take on a holiday favorite that leaves you wincing through your smile.”
(Scott Sickles)
“A jaunty, cheerful reminder that evil's everywhere in the world, even if Satan's not feeling as malignant as he might. Thank goodness for the relentless Clarence to remind Satan of just how bad life really is. The final twist is a delight. C'mon, someone stage this for the coming Christmas season!”
(Toby Malone)
“This was wickedly delightful! I can imagine all the fun costume changes for the multiple characters. But the sincerity in which Satan speaks is where the comedy truly lies. A great alternate holiday program! I'm still smiling!”
(Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn)
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