Drama, Horror
Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but some are eternal.

Clara (Vampire) - Female, any age, any race / ethnicity

Micah - Male, any age, any race / ethnicity

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(Polyphonic Theatre Ensemble, ME- 2021)

(The studio @620 Radio Theatre Project Live, FL - 2020)
“John Mabey’s INTERVIEW WITH THE PLAYWRIGHT skillfully dances a fine line between genres, casting a haunting spell that draws you in and holds you tight. The push-pull of the characters’ motivations and revelations unravel at a perfect pace, allowing us to share the emotions and imagine our own responses. A combination of romance and horror, of poetry and philosophy, or nightmares and dreams… the intoxicating tale invites you to “let go of the idea of heroes and villains” and explore “everything in-between.”
(Ken Preuss)

“JOHN MABEY has written a marvelous ten-minute play in which you are kept enthralled throughout with a well-written, well crafted gem. “Interview With The Playwright” should be a part of any Halloween production.”
(Jack Levine)

“Interesting interview between journalist Micah and a vampire writer named Clara, who's apparently lived for centuries. Micah ends up feeling threatened by Clara and the play explores isolation and fear. Good for spooky Halloween productions.”
(Martha Patterson)

“I hoped that this play would be what I was expecting - I was excited to find that I was correct! There is so much more to this chilling duologue than a twist ending. It's full of beautiful insights about human nature that will stay with you - the sort of observations that speak to centuries of wisdom. Now, I'm not saying John Mabey is definitely an eldritch entity... I'm just saying we shouldn't rule it out! Either way, this is a stellar supernatural play that is likely to resonate with many writers and observers during isolated times.”
(Aly Kantor)

“Any writer who has interviewed a celebrity of any sorts knows that the whole experience can be an over-the-top stressful and scary one. I love the way the journalist, Micah, walks on eggshells around an immortal playwright known as Clara. Set on Halloween, you know that there has to be some supernatural things going on, and they just add to the drama and suspense in this well-crafted, 10-minute play."
(Cindi Sansone-Braff)

“A very creepy and effective script that can’t put down until you finish reading it. This was a great example of how to build suspense for the stage (or zoom) and create a thrilling night of theatre!”
(Cole Hunter Dzubak)

“An eerie and potent exploration of the meaning of immortality, its appeal and its costs. The narrative is perfectly paced and Micah's loneliness is haunting. The final moments feel both surprising and inevitable. All-in-all a superb and subtle bit of gothic horror, leavened with humor.”
(Paul Donnelly)|

“Oooh I do love a good vampire tale, and this did not disappoint.
I love the cat and mouse game being played out here, just who is being interviewed by whom? What price you pay for a gift? Great!”
(Christopher Plumridge)

OnStage Atlanta, GA - 2021

Qweerdog Theatre Company, Manchester UK - 2021

Borderless Theatre Co, USA - 2021
OnStage Atlanta
OnStage Atlanta
Qweerdog Theatre - rehearsal picture
Qweerdog Theatre - rehearsal picture
OnStage Atlanta
OnStage Atlanta
OnStage Atlanta
OnStage Atlanta
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