In the exam room of a hospital, two strangers find themselves opposite each other, twice in the same night and doubly exposed.


Dr. Dowda - Male, 20s and older, Black

Sammy - Male, 20s and older, Black

racismmicroaggressionscommunitydoctors & patients
Left Edge Theatre, CA -2023

“The relationship between these two men evolves slowly, and there is hope that Dr. Dowda’s direct but compassionate interactions with his patient will have an impact and lessen the man’s bigotry. As his characters find an ethnic connection, Mabey skillfully avoids the pitfalls of being didactic and presents a very realistic exchange between these two very different people. A highly relevant play. Thought-provoking and moving!”
(Andrew Martineau)
“John Mabey’s gripping, taut drama begins in media res. Although we don’t know the precise circumstances that brought two radically different characters together, but we can imagine their encounter. The short play is layered and nuanced and powerfully explores fleeting moments of connection and humanity. A balm for the soul.”
(Donna Latham)
“I appreciated the subtlety of the storytelling here. This works quite well as a short, potent, 10-minute piece and it tackles important issues, but everything is shown rather than told very simply and elegantly. While we don't know the entire circumstances behind the initial meeting of Dr. Dowda and Sammy at the protest, the details we're provided make excellent points about identity-based assumptions and provide essential openings for audience conversation.”
(Nick Malakhow)
“I love how this story unfold so delicately and thoughtfully, and how John Mabey skillfully reveals who the characters are, what they mean to each other, and their connection in the moment and more deeply. This short play wonderfully demonstrates how division can be overcome when we have the opportunity to see the humanity in each other. A lovely play!”
(Hilary Bluestein-Lyons)
“A powerful short about reaching out over divides and caring for those with different beliefs and objectives. A valuable lesson, and one that us all too needed in this day and age. Mabey explores some huge issues with care and understanding in this short piece. Beautiful.”
(DC Cathro)
Dragon Productions Theatre Company, CA - 2021
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