A parent and child reconnect in the most unique way, tearing the fabric of their own realities to find the threads of what remains in the space between.

As Xan utilizes technology to access a hologram of their deceased mother, Deb, they both find more than either expected. And as the implications of this relationship are discovered to be more fluid than fixed, both must decide what truly matters in the time they have left.

Deb - Woman, Any age, Portrays a hologram of Xan's deceased mother
Xan - Any gender, Teens and older


futurism, hologram, sci-fi, coping with grief

“A lovely play that looks at the complexities of memory and grieving a parent. This piece also poses questions about the wonders and weirdness of technology while staying true to the story at hand. John Mabey works in humor in just the right ways. I would love to see this play on stage.”
(Karen Saari)

“A conversation that is mesmerizing and deep. Quietly awesome. The characters Deb (a hologram of Xan’s deceased mother) and Xan (her late teen or older young adult) are very engaging and endearing for their attempts to capture something of the past. With EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN, John Mabey utilizes his rare ability to keep the reader slightly off-balance while writing perfectly natural dialogue. I love the hologram Deb’s touching attempts at humor in the same vein as the deceased mother. And her cyber-nagging is hilarious. Xan should've read the fine print. The closing science report on cicadas is magical.”
(Charles Scott Jones)
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