Somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy, 'BX19TR33' is trying on Halloween costumes. They're going as their favorite Earthling!

BX19TR33 - Any gender, any age, any race / ethnicity
“Tis the season for this monologue spoken by an alien dressed up as a human for Halloween! BX19TR33 clearly knows a lot about us, and as they talk about us and all our complexities and paradoxes, it’s funny and touching all at once, because it’s a John Mabey play. Humans are capable of great things, and maybe we’ll remember that before we destroy ourselves and the planet- and if not, at least it will be a wild ride, because that’s how we roll. Just ask BX19TR33.”
(Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend)
"A wonderfully witty play with an engaging concept. Imaginative and perfect for one act play festivals, especially around Halloween. Great material for an actor to work with. Well done!”
(Ryan Kaminski)

“It's no secret that I adore John Mabey's work- their plays always contain such delightful and genuine characters, heartfelt, funny, and just full of love. This beautiful monologue continues that tradition. Sometimes we can only really see ourselves, fully SEE ourselves, through the eyes of someone a galaxy away. BX's admiration and understanding of humanity, explored so brilliantly through Halloween costume choices, allows us to appreciate our capacity for wonderful things. May we live up to BX19TR33's affection for us.”
(Emily McClain)
“This monologue is a love letter from John Mabey to humanity and everything about it, both strengths and flaws.

Mabey creates perhaps the highest-level view of humankind here: an astronomical POV from another galaxy. As the protagonist BX19TR33 notes, humans have had a bit of a difficult time; can't everyone just give humanity a break?

BX19TR33 also notes that humanity is going to thrive again. It's the kind of theatrical reminder we need. Thanks, John Mabey. (And thanks for the dark, comic perspective you provide immediately afterward -- I cackled in delight.)”
(Steven G. Martin)
“ What a fun, original little Halloween play that takes us past ghouls and goblins and into the broader perspective of life from outside our own galaxy! Really enjoyed the read!”
(Vivian Lermond)
Las Vegas Little Theatre, NV - 2020
Las Vegas Little Theatre
Las Vegas Little Theatre
Las Vegas Little Theatre
Las Vegas Little Theatre
Las Vegas Little Theatre
Las Vegas Little Theatre
Las Vegas Little Theatre
Las Vegas Little Theatre
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