Noir, Romantic Comedy
A life of crime doesn't pay. But when one hitwoman comes face-to-face with her mark, both realize that sometimes it does.

And in this reimagining of a classic noir, not everything is as it seems.
Bradley - Female, any age, any race / ethnicity

Zoe- Female, any age, any race / ethnicity
hitwoman, crime, blackmailparking lotflirtation
“As Bradley says in this surprising and delightful twist on noir, "None of us are ever just one thing." It's an apt description of this play, too. These two characters start in expected places and end up somewhere completely different. It's a thoroughly beguiling bit of work -- all the foreboding of noir, mixed with a sense that hope for human connection can happen even in a dark & stormy encounter.”
(John Minigan)
“A great short play that covers a genre I personally don't see enough of in contemporary/new plays: noir. The dialogue in this piece is especially noteworthy, as the banter and exchanges between the characters are engaging without giving too much away up front (read: wonderful opportunity for subtext work for actors!). Excellent take on the noir genre overall, and with just the right dose of comedy to boot.”
(Jack Seamus Conley)
“Mabey has taken the film noir and flipped it on its head. In DARK AND STORMY, a hitwoman meets her match in her prey. And boy are they evenly matched! I truly enjoyed the subtle commentary on the genre itself, along with the reversed gender roles. It would be a fun play to perform or watch. Highly recommended.”
(Sabrina Rose Bivens)
“In this wonderful twist on the film noir genre, Mabey brings two delightful characters together to take the first tentative steps towards a relationship. The dialogue between the women is really sharp and funny while still being emotionally authentic. Wonderful roles for women! Produce this play!”
(Emily McClain)
Moving Parts Theatre - Paris, France - 2021

Scribe Stages, CA - 2021
Rainy Day Artistic Collective, WA - 2021
Rainy Day Artistic Collective
Rainy Day Artistic Collective
Scribe Stages
Scribe Stages
Rainy Day Artistic Collective
Rainy Day Artistic Collective
Moving Parts
Moving Parts
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