Marie and daughter Rose Marie are left adrift after their husband/father passes away. As Rose Marie channels her grief into religion, an unholy divide erupts between them both.

On this day, they're driving to attend a campus visit but instead prove that the journey is so much greater than the destination.

Marie - Female, 30s/40s, any race / ethnicity

Rose Marie - Female, 30s/40s, any race / ethnicity
“In John Mabey’s, CRUSADES, a mother and daughter banter about religion while traveling on a cross country drive. The heartfelt and humorous conversation - filled with revelations and realizations -is so effortless engaging, it feels as though we are experiencing everything alongside the characters, eavesdropping on their emotional journey. Mabey offers two remarkable roles for actresses and a ride we will remember fondly.”
(Ken Preuss)
“A moving and perceptive encounter between a mother and daughter, both of whom we instantly like and sympathize with. Even better, we're left with plenty of hope for them, despite their current pain, confusion, resentment and grief - which is just as it should be.”
(Christine Foster)
“A beautiful play about faith and how loss can divide and ultimately unite us. I love how John Mabey makes the teen character a believer and the mother a doubter. It's a nice switch and goes against too many stereotypes we've seen in plays dealing with faith. Wonderful dialogue and characters make for a great ten minute play. Well done!”
(Ryan Kaminski)
Scribe Stages, CA - 2021
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