Courting still happens during the time of Covid,
where love is just as beautifully complicated.

This play is set during a global health crisis,
when there were more questions than answers.
It captures one couple's relationship which feels the same,
exploring what happens as they try to navigate both.

Sal - Female, 40s/50s, any race / ethnicity

Regina, Female, 40s/50s, any race / ethnicity 


coming out, marriage, aging, sexual identity, lgbtqia
(Georgia Theatre Conference, GA - 2021)

(Act Your Age Showcase, United Kingdom - 2021)

Best Women's Monologues
(Smith & Kraus Publishers, NH - 2022)

(Some Scripts Literary Magazine - 2023)
“This is such a fabulous sequel to B is for Bullshit, I want Mabey to go through the whole alphabet! I want the sequels for each of the B is for Bullshit characters: seasons! But these are my favorite characters from B is for Bullshit (hey, I'm their age, it happens) so I am truly rooting for them. I know closets. This queer show is sure to be as important as it is entertaining, and it melts my hearts! One day we'll all watch it in person!”
(Emma Goldman-Sherman)

“Having just finished "B is for Bullsh!t," of COURSE I had to read the sequel! I love this one act Zoom play about the complications of relationships during a pandemic and the complications of weddings always. John Mabey's writing is both touching and humorous, with characters who feel like real people. I would love to see this performed!”
(Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend)

“The very idea of marriage, with its customs and symbolism, is challenged in Mabey's charming short play, C IS FOR CUPID. After a decades-long relationship, an older lesbian couple tentatively take the next step in their relationship. But how can they make it authentically theirs, as their relationship has been uniquely theirs? This is a must-read!”
(Sabrina Rose Bivens)

“There are any number of things -- little things, annoyances, quirks -- that can make a relationship unique, and the love story between these two very complicated but clearly in-love people makes that point so well. John Mabey has a light touch that reveals the inner truths and worries that we all have about ourselves and the person we love. In this play that lays it all out in the same way leaves fall on a forest floor -- seemingly random but artfully patterned -- we watch as these two souls find a way to be together.”
(Philip Middleton Williams)

“Reading a John Mabey play is to be exquisitely reminded of the most shining beautiful parts of humanity hidden beneath our fears and excuses. Reading a John Mabey play is such a pleasure, doctors should prescribe it. Reading a John Mabey play leads other playwrights to grimace "Why didn't I think of that?" C is For Cupid - but it's also for classic, craft, and clear-eyed. Take this journey with Regina and Sal and then join the John Mabey fan club like I have.”
(Arianna Rose)

“I am in love with a non-wedding. Even planned one. And I love, love this gorgeous love story that has transcended politics, societal norms and keeps returning to - love. Mabey gives us a true love story, warts and all between two people in love and of course it’s complicated. Because love is complicated.”
(Claudia Haas)

“I think it is lovely to read a play that explores queerness and sexuality in older women characters in such an authentic way to today's day and age.”
(Julianna Kantor)

“ 'Life is meant to be lived. Delightfully.' YES! That is the wonderful message that John presents in this show that details the very real difficulty of keeping a relationship going during the Pandemic. The wonderfully romantic dialogue between Sal in Regina at certain points can't fail to make you go AW! This piece is another example of how John expertly portrays relationships in a beautiful, funny and tender way despite the awkward circumstances they are living in. It was so nice to read a play relating to the pandemic that made me feel happy by the end.”
(Rachel Feeny-Williams)
Valley Players, CA - 2023
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