There's a small patch of land in Fontana Lake, North Carolina, with the remnants of Proctor - a former town that remains submerged but sometimes reveals itself to those who seek.

Here, two siblings are swept away by the currents of their relationship. But the promise of buried treasures is either a buoy or an anchor.

Agnes- female, late teens

Ava- female, late 20s

Blue Institute - 2023


           “I thought the characters relationship really shone through so the story was experienced through their eyes as opposed to exposition.  I also like the water flow imagery – the ebb and flow of life and how it can separate us at times.  As well as the image of the futility of “digging” in water. Well done!”   
(Tyrone Benskin)
“There's real texture and a true sense of shared history in the relationship between these two sisters. Life has been hard for them, making their struggle to connect all the more heart-rending. I hope the connection they eventually forge is enduring and sustaining, they deserve it. ”
(Paul Donnelly)

“Oh, I hope the girls find something. This short play is about reconciliation and sisterly love. When you don't have much, sometimes you have to dig for it. The characters are written so clearly, I could hear and see them in my head.”
(Marj O'Neill-Butler)

“Congratulations are in order to Mr. Mabey for writing this prize-winning play. The dialogue is rich, emphasizing the relationship of the sisters, though perhaps not currently as close, as well as their somewhat fractured family history. Mabey creates a mysterious setting which adds to the richness of his writing.”
(Bruce Karp)

“There are some hidden depths to this play by John Mabey that are worth digging up. I know that sounds like I'm making a joke here considering the plot line, but honestly, Mabey doesn't write "obvious" plays. There is subtlety, nuance and considered meanings that go beyond the surface. Sometimes people keep their feelings and motivations buried (again, not making a joke, it really is the best term to use) and only through reaching out and trying to connect, can these woman learn what truly connects them. What they find may have nothing to do with what's in the ground.”
(John Busser)
The Depot, CT - 2024
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