After a successful anti-Nazi attack, two co-conspirators meet in prison -
one free and one facing death.

Both have an urgent but opposing plea for the other.
Willem Arondeus- 40s / Man / Dutch, white / member of the Dutch resistance

Lau Mazirel- 30s / Woman / Dutch, white / Attorney


WWII, Amsterdam, Dutch resistance
“A beautiful and moving short play set in WWII Amsterdam, which I was fortunate to see performed recently. It tells a powerful story in its taut ten minutes and explores different types of silence including enforced silence and ultimately, refusal to be silent. Mabey's dialogue is so rich and these characters so vivid that we feel as if we are right there in the prison with them. Powerful and resonant with themes that still matter deeply today.”
(Jennifer O'Grady)

“We are all many things". John Mabey is many things; but for sure he is an accomplished playwright who moves us, educates us and challenges us with his work. A Tragedy of Owls is a story that needed to be told. I will hold these characters in the light and express my gratitude to John for writing about them. Read it, produce it and share their story.”
(Arianna Rose)

“WWII Amsterdam serves as a backdrop for this tragic drama "A Tragedy of Owls." John Mabey uses flowery language to great effect in telling the story of Willem and his coconspirators. It shines an interesting light on the treatment of LGBTQIA+ individuals in Nazi-occupied territories, and on the treatment of Queer people in the recording of history.”
(John Medlin)
Dragon Productions Theatre Company, CA - 2022
Rainy Day Artistic Collective, WA - 2022


Rainy Day Artistic Collective

Dragon Productions Theatre Company

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