What's normal after 2020? And what comes after the 'new normal?' These characters are desperately trying to find out. But with big secrets, hidden identity, and chaos on the high seas, life after 2020 has never been so abnormally fun.

Fully vaxed and now ready to face the world, Ruth is having a garage sale to raise money for a cruise with her husband, Denny. But Denny has come to enjoy life sheltering at home and away from people, barring a playfully acrimonious relationship with live-in mother-in-law, Beverly. As their two grown children unexpectedly come home with a jailhouse boyfriend, the entire family
must decide what matters most as they grow - together or apart.

ACT I - Family Room
ACT II - Cruise Ship Lounge

Ruth- Female, 60s, Any race / ethnicity
Denny - Male, 60s, Any race / ethnicity
Beverly - Female, 80s, Any race / ethnicity
Kenneth - Male, 30s, Any race / ethnicity
Jules - Female, 20s, Any race / ethnicity
Alfie - Male, 30s, Any race / ethnicity

Moving On, Dating & Marriage, Travel
Pumphouse Players, GA - 2022
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