What's normal after 2020? And what comes after the 'new normal?' These characters are desperately trying to find out. But with big secrets, hidden identity, and chaos on the high seas, life after 2020 has never been so abnormally fun.

Fully vaxed and now ready to face the world, Ruth is having a garage sale to raise money for a cruise with her husband, Denny. But Denny has come to enjoy life sheltering at home and away from people, barring a playfully acrimonious relationship with live-in mother-in-law, Beverly. As their two grown children unexpectedly come home with a jailhouse boyfriend, the entire family
must decide what matters most as they grow - together or apart.

ACT I - Family Room
ACT II - Cruise Ship Lounge

Ruth- Female, 60s, Any race / ethnicity
Denny - Male, 60s, Any race / ethnicity
Beverly - Female, 80s, Any race / ethnicity
Kenneth - Male, 30s, Any race / ethnicity
Jules - Female, 20s, Any race / ethnicity
Alfie - Male, 30s, Any race / ethnicity

Moving On, Dating & Marriage, Travel

Main Street Players, FL - 2023

American Association Of Community Theatre, AACT - 2023
“Adulthood is very depressing, that's how you know you're doing it right." This well-crafted comedy is as thought provoking as it is clever, with some truly funny physical gags as well. There are riffs on responsibility and life-and-love-avoidance as well as nerve-touching discoveries and aftershocks as the characters learn to do less emotional distancing and crowd in for a close-up, new-fashioned happy ending. Lots of fun.”
(Christine Foster)

“The thing that instantly struck me from the very beginning of this piece was the wonderful imagery John creates as his characters remember times gone by. That, coupled with the lovely familial back and forth between these great characters and I couldn't help but smile as I travelled with this delightful collection of characters through their discussions, secrets and complexities of family life. John exhibits a wonderful insight into the nature of people and their relationships, making this a wonderfully natural and yet fascinating play!”
(Rachel Feeny-Williams)

“Knowing what you should do and will do are two different things.” We all experienced this during Lockdown. Mabey takes this a step further. What will we choose after Covid? It makes you ponder if you would have made different choices if there was no Covid. Mabey wisely centers on life choices - considering the old normal and new normal. With humor and poignancy, the play speaks to all of us.”
(Claudia Haas)
Main Street Players, FL - 2023
Pumphouse Players, GA - 2022
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