A 300-page vampire love affair play in 1-page. 
As you do.

Cass - Any gender, any age, any race / ethnicity

Lovell - Any gender, any age, any race / ethnicity

Falling in-and-out of love, vampires

“JOHN MABEY is one of the best playwrights in my estimation. I always love his plays and monologues. In this marvelous piece, you have a 3-Act play in ONE page, which tells a breathtaking story of a vampire love affair. I highly recommend “A 3-Act, Centuries-Long Love Affair (Abridged). It is a fun play with meaning. Bravo!”
(Jack Levine)

“Don't think you can write a 3-act play in one-minute? Mabey masters it with panache in this fun two-hander! Loved this tasty tidbit of a play!”
(Vivian Lermond)

“It’s like THE WAY WE WERE for vampires!!!
Only better!
Three true acts on one page provide a century’s worth of drama, passion, and hilarity between our two bloodsuckers. It’s a great romance and a marvelous staging challenge: can you do this play justice in 2-3 minutes? POST PHOTOS!!!
Perfect for any Halloween or Valentine’s Day festival!
(Scott Sickles)

“John Mabey takes the vampire story and gives it a rush of new life in only a few pages. As usual, Mabey goes for the comedic jugular and yet still avoids the predictable cliches inherent in this genre. A fun romp through the centuries that exposes the heart of its characters and writer.”
(Jake Lewis)

“WOW!! In one flat A4 page we are led from the white-hot heat of an almost Shakespearian love affair, through the mid-life (if they were but mortal) crisis, to an unknown bloody all vampires surely aspire to.”
(David Patton)

“It's not easy to condense 300 years, immortal love, and real-life pettiness into 1-page, but John Mabey does it beautifully in his one-sheet vampire love play. A really fun read!”
(Robert Mattson)

“Every relationship goes through its ups and downs, but when you're immortal, the stakes (so to speak) are raised considerably. John Mabey cleverly takes the idea of a vampire couple who get tired of each other over the course of 300 years and condenses it to a page: a less assured writer would try to do all the work for us and make us slog through 120 pages to hit the goal. Here, we leave satisfied and amused in only a minute, encompassing hundreds of years' history in no time.”
(Toby Malone)

“Love it! Mabey takes us on a full journey of love and vampires in just one page. I'm sure it'd be a riot to see on stage. I enjoyed all the references to necks/scarves/tapestries. Well done!”
(Samantha Marchant)

“A 3-ACT, CENTURIES-LONG LOVE AFFAIR (ABRIDGED) is a sweet and short (one minute!) piece by John Mabey. The play has, dare I say, quite the bite!”
(David Lipschutz)

“How did I get so invested in these two characters over the course of one page that I legitimately got goosebumps at the last line? Ah, love. Ah, John Mabey. What a good and wonderful little play.”
(Jordan Elizabeth Henry)

“Love comes and goes, but life is forever when you're a vampire. John Mabey packs a lot of insight into this witty short.”
(Paul Donnelly)

“This must be the longest time span crammed into one page! A great vampire epic of epically small proportions, and it's fun too! Love it!”
(Christopher Plumridge)
“Another play that exemplifies Hemingway-esque brevity, Mabey's concise writing style allows for you to feel for these characters in such a short time. The ambiguity of the characters allows for lenient casting, which leaves lots of room for actors and directors to explore this dynamic. I highly recommend "A 3-Act, Centuries-Long Love Affair" for any short play festival looking for an imaginative piece of writing!”
(Chris Gacinski)

“A really original take on one of the horror genre's most popular creatures: the vampire. A great short play!”
(Evan Baughfman)
“Finally! A realistic vampire love story! Cass and Lovell learn there's plenty of time for second chances when you have forever. Though tongue-in-cheek, this piece is truly beautiful and fun. I can't get over how clever it is! Love it!”
(Hannah Lee DeFrates)

“What fun! So many genre conventions are satirized with such efficiency. This is a truly delightful spoof.”
(Paul Donnelly)
“Genius at work! Three acts in a single page! The shift in tone of the dialogue is hilarious. John Mabey and his vampire characters show us that immortality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Great fun for actors and audiences alike!”
(Morey Norkin)

“Relationships are complicated! Especially for mythical creatures that subsist by feeding on the vital essence of the living across the centuries. Most of us just quibble about whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher - not the gradients of normative expectation related to 'turning' fellow vampires. Look, if you're lost by this recommendation, do yourself a favor and read Mabey's delightful play. It's one page, and so much more. I'd LOVE to see this one on its feet. Or floating in mid-air. Or suspended upside-down like a bat! Pure fun. Bravo!"
(Rachael Carnes)
Tiny Theatre, AL - 2022
Wine Box Players, NYC - 2022
Jakespeare Theatre Company, MA- 2022

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